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Ok, So I have officially been tagged as a “BLOG SLACKER” (thanks hon, love you too!).  So I thought that I would drop a few lines to say hi, and let those of you who actually read this know that Im ok, alive and well…

So, here is what I have done for the last week… SLEPT (very little), Shopped downtown, ate Korean food in the Middle East, and went to a Bentley Dealership.  Now before anyone gets excited, noone is getting a Bentley.  I was just surprised, as I have never seen a Bentley Dealership that there would be one here.  Across the street from Applebee’s and Toys ‘R’ Us like most neighborhoods have a Ford Dealership.  Funny though how that works.  I did visit Bahrain recently, that was a blast, had a massage at the Spa and ate some awesome food.  Definitely a good break from the stuff we have had recently. Including the all-purpose Chicken Patty. YUCK!  Though after a while, it is pretty good (how sad is that)

But I sent some things home for the boys, and hopefully they will enjoy them. I also bought a Persian Rug in Bahrain. We will see how that works out… LOVE you guys!



I’m so excited that people are actually reading this.  Honestly, it freaks me out a little, but I am excited too!  So I am really not having a bad time here, I have been downtown, and I have been working my ass off, but not a bad time so far. Only 11 months left to go!

So, This is going to be a bitch today, if you dont want to hear it, tune in else where.  OK… So here it goes. This place is not under any circumstances a base that is equipped for Permanent Party.  We get this lovely email today, about how we are not moving into the brand spanking new Millenium Village Complex.  What we will be doing, is living in the same shitty 10×10 room until further fucking notice. Can’t you tell Im thrilled?  Aren’t you? 

 So more updates, I’ve been working out, Im down 8 lbs. Just 8, but still… about 42 to go.  Im sick of hearing people complain, unless its me.  And let me tell you, I can complain.  I have not as of yet received any packages  😦    Kinda makes me sad. So, if anyone is absolutly dying to send something, I will accept:

Cherry Pomegrante Crystal Lite packets (immunity type)

Those Cheesy peanutbutter crakers

Thats it. Surprise me with the rest. 🙂 

Being a girl, i can always use smell good stuff….

Now that I am done being needy, let me say, that I have been here for a month, and I haven’t received jack. Not even a silly sentimental card. I understand that Steve has mailed a box, and I love him for it. BUT my own mother, she hasnt sent me anything. She gave birth to me, and I havent even received a measley card.  Sad huh?  I guess she thinks that Im at club med too…

OK, well… its not club med, but its not bad.


email me if you want my address 😛


So normally you would have all gotten a exquisitely worded post from  me, expounding all the lovely things that I have done thus far in the Middle East, and yet as you all waited on tender-hooks, in total expectation you have as of  yet been disappointed.  WHY?!?!?!  Because I have officially entered the AOR (Area of Retards).  Now, I know that some folks will take offense to the fact that I used the word “retarded”, and I don’t mean any ill will on those individuals who are mentally handicapped. We aren’t talking about them.  We are however talking about folks who wouldn’t know their heads from a hole in their ass.  Those people who somehow think that the world revolves around their stupid little area of expertise. Not even expertise per-say…. that implies a supreme knowledge.

 But I digress… 

My trip thus far hasn’t been too bad, I should have brought more clothes, and stuff, but I guess I really cant complain. I will have to purchase some more PT gear here soon, cuz I’m running out quickly.  I wish that I had my own Laundromat here, but I must be crazy to be complaining about being forced to let someone else wash my clothes.  My room is tiny, but I don’t need much and I’m continually reminding myself that I once shared that room with another person for 4 months.  AFN is AFN…. that’s all I will say about that. I’m a little sad to be missing some of my favorite shows, but I can suck it up.  Other than that things are good. I miss my babies so much, and its hard, but I have to be strong.  I hope that they are doing well, and I get that they don’t understand whats going on, but I will be home soon.

Ok enough mushiness… Back to surfing the net…


So sadly, I have no other place to write down all the things that I need or want for my trip….

So here they are.

iPod Nano

New Nike+ shoes

PT gear (see the theme here?)

pictures of my boys


new luggage


nice shirts

hair stuff


new glasses


nintendo DS  w/ Brainage

ok thats it for now. I will find more Im sure.

Love yall


So, I officially have my orders. We leave this place in like 6 weeks, and there is a ton to do between now and then. I still have to pack up the house, rent a Uhaul, move my babies, go to some 2 week TDY, get the house cleaned, and all while trying not to pull out my own hair.  Good thing though is that my paperwork is almost complete! YAY!  I got my smallpox shot today, and I will have to take a picture, so that you can be miserable with me, and my nasty infected arm.  🙂  Me and DH had a whole discussion on if our parents had had the pox… of course, I know that they did. At least mine did, and Steve’s parents are about the same age, and they didnt discontinue use of the pox until the 70’s but my know it all husband swears they have never had it.  Still it freaks me out knowing that Im contagious, and I have been super carefull about the kids being anywhere near it. YUCK!  So we are having Shrimp Pad Thai for dinner, We will see soon how it goes.  I’ve got to get ready to cook here in a few minutes.  Once again I will reiterate that I know people that I wouldnt wish on themselves.

Im excited for football season this year, Fantasy is going well, and I am excited to be kicking some Engler ass.  Carolyn is having some issues at school and I wish that I could handle it all for her…. Knowing that she has to deal with stupid people and their stupid lack of any type of curtesy… drives me nuts. Get a damn room girlie. In fact, get 2, one for you and one for your ego.

Love ya’ll…



So its getting closer, and that annoys me.  At the same time, I know that it will be a good thing, and yet I begrudge the “one day closer”.  Is that wrong of me?  To anticipate, and yet hate the finality of it all?  I mean, only 90 more days, but who the fuck is counting?  I guess when its all over, I will have gotten what I want.  We’ll be closer as a family, closer to my family, and more ready for me to leave the entrapment that is my job.  But I still dont wanna go.  But I do, so that we can prepare ourselves for life beyond this.  Ok, Im gonna stop bitching now.  Have you ever met someone that you so categorically dislike that you wouldn’t wish their presence on themselves?  I have.  Its depressing to know that they are always just around the corner… and there is no escape.

Meanwhile, life with the hellions is good. I love them dearly, and shall miss them terribly when I leave.  I am glad that they are moving home to stay with Connie, but I hope that my DH does not become too spoiled, with having his mother around. We are however trying to plan a wonderful vacation for my mid-tour.  Not that we need to spend any money, since well…we dont, but at the same time, I want my kids to enjoy my little time home.

Signing off for now



So, I realize that they came up with the title, but it fits.  HELLO WORLD!  I’ve started this blog to document a little more than a year in my life. Maybe longer. But atleast ’til next January.  One of the most stressfull, times… oh well… the laptop is screaming for me to plug it back in.  I will return.